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CEC interested in Faculty of Engineering ,which it has great potential in both its members and the teachers in it, that they have a very distinct scientific qualifications and certificates obtained from the most prestigious universities in the different world and they have high expertise to enable them to implement works and consulting studies and arbitration in specialized projects. As well as features Center to take full advantage of the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering of the implementation of the various laboratory experiments.

This can be illustrated by the extent of the enormous potential that is characterized by the center through a brief review of the various scientific departments in the college and the laboratories of the college, also teaching members who are members of CEC:


a) Civil Engineering:

The first section is the most closely associated with the community - includes various engineering disciplines in the construction sector and the construction work, the section has the scientific capabilities , practical expertise and high scientific potentials including high work teams the Consultancy center to study the projects and prepare designs and proposals for their implementation.

The Consultancy center provide all the experiences of this section and various laboratories to present the consulting and designs for projects required which provides as follows:

  • Structural designs for various types of engineering projects(concrete, metal, walls carrier, etc.) Also engineering supervising for implement of these projects through all stages of completion.
  • Tests of construction materials, soil and asphalt and other materials, as well as the design and asphalt concrete admixtures.
  • Prepare of survey studies - and the map projection.
  • Study designs and dams, drainage, water networks.
  • Prepare studies of water and environment as well as evaluation studies of environmental impact for engineering projects.
  • Study designs and road networks, transportation and traffic, and the work of the processors to their problems and the preparation of specifications.
  • Study, design, maintenance and evaluation of roads and bridges.
  • Works of assessment, check and repair of concrete structures and mineral that was worked.
  • Modernize and develop the skills of engineers in the workplace through the action of specialized courses in the field of construction, water, roads, bridges, survey, geotechnique as well as facilities management, contracts and specifications.

Civil Engineering contains of scientific division as follows:

  • Survey Division
  • Transport and Roads Division
  • Geo-Technique Division
  • Construction Division
  • Water and Environment Division
  • Management and Construction Division

b) Electrical Engineering:

Electrical Engineering was established in 1985. Electrical Engineering is important disciplines important in the development of society and an essential element in the development process, including its services and rehabilitation for engineers who are in charge of the business in different areas of electricity.

Electrical Engineering has a long history of community service and still continue its services as well as rehabilitation engineers of the department followed by the people of specialized laboratories to carry out experiments and practical applications - underlying professors qualified experienced a major operation.

CEC depends on the engineering section in the completion of commitments and electrical engineering contracts on different aspects in power, networks and telecommunications, electronics and software.... organizing teaching courses and other, which provides as follows:

  • The preparation of studies and consulting and oversee the implementation of projects in the areas of electricity, measurements and treat their problems.
  • Study the performance and operational characteristics of the measurement of electric
  • Examine electrical machines and represent it by the computer.
  • Provide advice in the field of prevention and control systems.
  • Provide studies in the fields of energy in its various forms.
  • Provide advice and studies in the field of telecommunications networks, software and information systems.
  • Provide advice and studies in the field of telecommunications, electronics and identify problems.

Electrical Engineering contains three divisions:

  • Computer Engineering and Control Division
  • Power Engineering and Electrical Machines Division
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering Division

In 2006, two divisions have been opened in the parallel evening section system are:

  • Computer Engineering and Information Technology Division
  • Communication Engineering Division

c) Architecture:

Architecture established in 1987 through CEC in contributes to provide energies of teaching members that they have experiences with high level in these fields such as: architectural design, urban design, regional planning, city planning, keeping the traditional and historic cities, technology building and construction, coordination sites, interior design, art and the center can through the Architecture to provide the following services:

  • Studies and architectural designs.
  • Present quantity timetable and integrated specifications.
  • Studies and designs and planning housing projects.
  • Arbitration projects - and provide feasibility studies.
  • Studies and consulting in preserving the historic cities.
  • Provide designs and solutions for the restoration and rehabilitation.
  • Planning cities - or re-planning.
  • Present executive designs.
  • Develop training programs in the field of computer designs.
  • Training courses or workshops, and prepare for the architecture conferences.
  • Design projects to coordinate facilities and city streets.
  • Analysis of bidding for tenders different engineering

Architecture contains of following divisions:

  • Architectural Design Division
  • Cities Planning Division
  • Local Architecture and Preservation Division
  • Interior Architecture Division

d) Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is considered one of the most prevalent engineering disciplines, where applications include all the different aspects of life. Mechanical Engineering of the most important sections in the college. Where it was created in 1992 in order to graduate qualified engineers serving in the areas of mechanical design and production equipment, and in the field of power and energy provides, and in the various fields of industry and production. In addition to the work of teaching at the bachelor and high study Section contributes to the development of the industry by examining the problems and propose appropriate solutions and to participate in the supervision of its implementation.

Mechanical Engineering contains of following divisions:

Engineering Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Division:

The department and the division of design and manufacturing through CEC contributes in the Faculty of Engineering in the service industry and development in the Republic of Yemen, by linking applied between the university and industry in order to develop the industry Yemeni quality and production, and can partition and division and through CEC to present the services to the community and development in the following areas :

  • Technical consultancy in all areas of manufacturing.
  • The design of industrial equipment and production lines for factories and supervise their implementation.
  • Planning factories and technical feasibility study them.
  • The actual supervision for production processes for various projects.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Study the problems of the industry and the processes involved and metal foundry, welding, cutting and running, plastics, composite materials and ferroalloys and nonferrous metal.
  • Iron and steel industry and steel alloy.
  • Analysis of landslides, repair and redesign of parts.
  • Conduct coalition and destructive testing for the materials and finished products.
  • Training of engineers on the use of computers in manufacturing (CAD / CAM).
  • Upgrading factories engineers to develop their expertise in dealing with digital servos which operate computerized (CNC Machines).
  • Using the importance of the design concept it and in accordance with the standards through intensive training courses.
Mechanical Power Engineering and Energy Division:

Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Division of Mechanical Power and Energy, and through CEC in college in the service industry and development in the Republic of Yemen, Contributes to provide services in the following areas:

  • Preparation of studies and engineering consultancy in the field of refrigeration systems and air-conditioning equipment.
  • Preparation of studies and the present the services in the field of the use of new and renewable energy as well as energy in its various forms.
  • Develop and deliver training courses and studies in the field of design and operation of pipelines, or roll the pumps, and compensation.
  • Prepare the studies and present the consultancy in the field of environmental management systems and keep it.
  • Providing consultancy and studies in the field of automatic control systems in mechanical energy systems.

e) Basic Engineering Sciences:

The requirements of this section covered by the basic engineering sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry engineering, engineering drawing, descriptive geometry, workshops, engineering mechanics (1.2) principles of computing for all other scientific divisions.

f) Mechatronics:

Mechatronics is an integration and complementarity of more than specialize in one field particularly mechanical, electronic engineering as well as computer programming and control engineering within a unified framework in order to design and develop devices and equipment characterized by speed, accuracy and exceptional performance, and includes smart devices, machines and systems that have engines to move the mechanical parts, and microprocessor or computer to control the movement of parts, also sensors and measuring devices to monitor the system status and its movement, in addition electronics and electrical circles to connect the parts of the system together.

For that put forward the idea of Mechatronics program in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sana'a came in belief of the importance of this specialization to keep up with the quick technological development that we are seeing in the present and its direct impact on the development of Yemeni Society and the advancement of scientific research also industrial sector as a pioneer step towards self-reliance and dispense with the costly foreign expertise.


One of the elements to achieve the objectives of the center is through the different laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering, which contains the latest equipment to conduct various tests and examinations in various building materials, concrete, soil, survey, roads, Hydraulic,.. etc.