Sana'a University|

Faculty of Engineering

Center Services

  • Make technical studies and the development of engineering designs for all types of projects and different stages: field & analysis studies and laboratory and supervise the implementation of engineering projects.
  • Preparation of feasibility economic studies for engineering projects.
  • Establish the conditions and specifications for engineering projects.
  • Review, audit and approve designs for different types of engineering projects.
  • Provide counseling, scientific & practical & technical solutions to the emergency engineering problems resulting from the implementation of engineering projects.
  • Evaluation and rehabilitation of damaged facilities.
  • Preparation of water and environmental studies, as well as evaluation studies for environmental impact of projects engineering.
  • Provide technical necessary opinion and arbitration to separate the legal issues related to engineering projects by consultants that have high experience.
  • Preparation of tenders related to laboratory equipment for colleges and scientific institutes, as well as evaluation and decide on controversial issues.
  • Make laboratory and field tests in the fields of civil engineering, electrical, and mechanical according to the approved standard specifications.
  • Preparation of studies and provide consulting services in fields of energy and alternative energy in its various forms.
  • Study problems related to the industry as well as design of industrial equipment and production lines for factories and supervise their implementation.
  • Prepare training programs and continuing education courses for various engineering disciplines in coordination with the relevant departments and supervise & development the implementation of these programs.
  • Evaluate applicants engineers to work from different parties in various engineering disciplines.