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Mechatronics Engineering Department

The Rector of Sana’ a University issued a decree in 2011 to establish the Mechatronics Engineering Department. This new department is supported financially by the World Bank through the Higher Education Quality Improvement Program (HEQIP) in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This department will issue a Bachelor degree in Mechatronics Engineering. The graduates from this program will have an opportunity to work in the local and regional labor markets with high level of standards, as well as in the area of scientific research.

Associate Prof./ Abdul-malik Ebrahim Momen

M.E and Ph.D. ( Mechanical Engineering- Thermal Engineering- Solar Energy), Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee- India.

Previous Occupation: Vice Dean for Student Affairs at Faculty of Engineering- San'a University.

Responsibility outsite the Faculty of Engineering: Team Leader for the Study of Technical Education and Vocational Training under the supervision of Ministry of Planning and the World Bank.

Papers Published: 25 Paper.

  • To graduate flexible engineering graduates with skills required to access entry level positions in the mechatronics engineering industry as well as in a wider range of employment in commerce, research, manufacturing and maintenance where mechatronics engineers play a vital role.
  • To deliver a program which equips graduates with a high level of understanding of mechatronics concepts complemented by professional, practical, and transferable skills that enable graduates to solve a wide range of mechatronics problems.
  • Ensure that graduates are able to make a rapid and effective contribution to their employers’ enterprise.
  • Promote a culture amongst graduates of continuous personal and professional development.
  • Ensure that graduates have competencies that enable them to communicate both orally and in writing in the Arabic and English language.
  • Ensure that graduates have group skills that will enable them to work professionally in teams.

Staff of Mechatronics Engineering Department.

Name DesignationSpecialization
Dr. Ammar Aamer Assistant Prof.Industrial Eng.

Staff of Mechanical Engineering Department

Name DesignationSpecialization
Dr. Amin A. Wahab Al-Khulaidi Associate Prof.Industrial Eng.
Dr. Abdul-Salam Nagi Ismail Assistant Prof.Design and Production
Dr. Mohammed A. Al-ShagdariAssociate ProfThermal Eng. , Energy and Environmental Eng.
Dr. Ahmed M. Ali Bagaber Associate Prof.Thermal Eng.and Fluid Mechanics
Dr. Adel Abdul-Galil Hazza Associate Prof.Automatic Control
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti ProfessorProduction and Machine Design
Dr. Tawfiq Ali Abdul-Latif Assistant Prof.Thermal Eng.
Dr. Fares Saeed Al-Ariqui Assistant Prof.Vibrations
Dr. Khalil Abdulla Ganem Assistant Prof.Production Eng. and Design
Dr. Abdul-Malik Ebrahim MominAssociate ProfThermal Eng. (Solar Energy)
Dr. Thabet Al-GhabriAssistant Prof.Civil Aviation
Dr. Labib Mudhesh Assistant Prof.Production Eng.
Dr. Hamoud Al-Nahari Assistant Prof.Thermal Eng.

Staff of Electrical Engineering Department

Name DesignationSpecialization
Dr. Tawfik Mohsen Sofian ProfessorHigh Voltage
Dr. Abdul Raqib Abdo Asad ProfessorProgram Eng.
Dr. Ali Mohammed Al-AshwalProfessorPower Electronics
Dr. Mohammed Ali Noman ProfessorPower Control System
Dr. Faisal Abdul-Fatah IbrahimProfessorControl Eng.
Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Khawrabi ProfessorCommunication Eng.
Dr. Omer Mohammed Badeeb ProfessorElectrical Machines
Dr. Omer Hassan Al-Saqaf ProfessorElectrical Power
Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Wahab Al-Arashi Associate Prof.Power Distribution of Electrical Energy
Dr. Gamal Abdul-Wareth HazzahAssociate Prof.Electrical Energy Control
Dr. Ali Manea Al-SaihAssociate Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Taher Qaid Hamid Assistant Prof.Science of Programming
Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Zariey Assistant Prof.Control and Programming Eng.
Dr. Ali Yahya Al-Hamdi Assistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-YadomiAssistant Prof.Power and Electrical Machines
Dr. Ali Naji NasaryAssistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Osama Hamoud Al-Shibami Assistant Prof.Computer Eng.and Signal Processing
Dr. Murad Abdulla Al-MakhlafiAssistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr.Abdul-Kafi Mohamed Al-Iryani Assistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Sharaf Saeed Awn Assistant Prof.Communication and Information Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Ali Nasr Assistant Prof.Power and Electrical Machines
Dr. Murshed Qaid Hadwan Assistant Prof.Power Eng.
Dr. Ahmed Saad HarmalAssistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Abbas Al-WadieyAssistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Abdul-Salam Al-Khuledi Assistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Sami Abdul-Aziz Al-Maqtari Assistant Prof.Computer Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Al-MekhlafiAssistant Prof.Communication Eng.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Ulafi Assistant Prof.Biomedical
Dr. Adel Ahmed Al-Shuqery Assistant Prof.Power Eng.

Staff of Basic Engineering Sciences Department

Name DesignationSpecialization
Dr. Riyad Muharam Assistant Prof.Chemistry & Environment
Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al-Samawy Assistant Prof.Nuclear Physics

First Year(1st Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT101 Mathematics 13
MT102 Physics4
MT103 Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics)3
MT104 Computer Basics2
MT105 Engineering Workshop3
MT106 Arabic 12
MT107 English 12

First Year(2nd Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT108 Mathematics 23
MT109 Engineering Chemistry3
MT110 Islamic Culture2
MT111 Engineering Drawing3
MT112 Engineering Mechanics 2 (Dynamics)3
MT113 Arabic 22
MT114 English 22

Second Year(1st Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT201 Mathematics 33
MT202 Electrical Circuit 1 -DC4
MT203 Logic System Design4
MT204 Properties and Strength of Materials3
MT205 Power & Heat2
MT206 English Technical Writing2

Second Year(2nd Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT207 Applied Engineering Mathematics3
MT208 Fluid Mechanics4
MT209 Electrical Circuit 2 -AC & Magnetic Circuit4
MT210 Analog Electronics4
MT211 Computer Programming (1)3

Third Year(1st Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT301 Computer Programming (2)3
MT302 Digital Electronics4
MT303 Theory of Machines3
MT304 Analog and Digital Signals4
MT305 Microcontrollers3
MT306 Manufacturing Process3

Third Year(2nd Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT307 Industrial Instrumentation and Measurements3
MT308 Industrial Automation3
MT309 Electrical Machines4
MT310 Design of Machine Elements3
MT311 Analog Control System3
MT312 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems3

Forth Year(1st Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT401 Digital Control System3
MT402 Embedded Systems3
MT403 Industrial Statistics & Quality Control3
MT404 Electromechanical Systems & Actuators3
MT405 Power Electronics and Drives3
MT406 PLC3

Forth Year(2nd Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT407 Industrial Networking3
MT408 Mechatronics System Design (1)3
MT409 System Dynamics and Vibrations3
MT410 Modeling and Simulation3
MT411 Elective Course (1) 3
MT412 Engineering Project Managment 2

Fifth Year(1st Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT501Artificial Intelligence3
MT502 Robotics3
MT503 Mechatronics System Design (2)3
MT504Elective Course (2)3
MT505 Graduation Project2

Fifth Year(2nd Semester)

Course Code Course TitleCr.
MT506 Graduation Project2
MT507Industrial Training3
MT508 Industrial Safety2
Total hours for 5 years program169

Students can select two courses from the following Electives:

  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Interfacing and Data Acquisition
  • Manufacturing System Engineering