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Faculty of Engineering

Engineering Consultancy Center (ECC)

Center found with the emergence of the college, which is a body of engineering responsible for all consulting activities and engineering work carried out for the account of others, ministries, individuals, organizations and agencies in the community, a non-profit organization managed by and implement programs cadre engineering college, and is a unit of units of the University. It was issuing the regulations list for center by collage in 1990 under name "CEC" after that the decision has been issued by Rector No. (610) for the year 2008 to… the establishment "CEC" as well as the organizational and financial list was issued for the center (No. 611) on September 3rd, 2008.

Center Vision

We hope for successful in submit consultancy engineering services with high quality to achieve the excellence in engineering consults field at local and regional level.

Center Mission

Provide consulting services to the community in all engineering disciplines in high professional and quality, and contribute to the development of society through the distinctive competencies of applied extensive experience and facilities and laboratory equipment available in the college, in order to achieve sustainable development and environmental preservation.

Center Aims

-Achieve the objectives of the university to provide engineering consulting services for institutions, government agencies, individuals and private companies.

- Deploy these services to contribute to the elimination of practices random acts of Engineering.