Sana'a University|

Faculty of Engineering

Dean of the Faculty

Professor/ Mohammed Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti

  • Prof.Dr.Eng. Mohammed Ahmed AL-Bukhaiti.
  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering – Eng. of Machine Design and Production
  • Faculty Dean: from August 2013 till now
  • Research Interests: Tribology of Materials, Engineering Materials, Multilayer nanocomposite coatings, erosive wear, fretting wear.
  • Published paper: 22

Courses Taught

Undergraduate, Sana’a University

  • ME 207 Machine Design I.
  • ME 302 Machine Design II.
  • ME 312 Machine Design III.
  • ME 113 Production Engineering II.
  • ME 403 Industrial Engineering.
  • ME 101 Materials Science.
  • PR 002 Engineering Mechanics Statics.
  • PR 009 Engineering Mechanics Dynamics.
  • PR 008 Engineering Drawing.

Vocational Training

  • "Train of trainers for Mechatronics”. Organized by Unikle University, Malaysia (20 – 31 December 2012), Improvement Project (HEQIP) financed by World Bank Loan No. H558-RY.
  • Workshop on “Teaching Methodology: Alternative Teaching Methodology”, Organized by Delft University of Technology (Netherland) and Center of Graduate Studies, Taiz University (Yemen), (11 – 16 December 2010).
  • The workshop on "Mechatronics and Its Application in the Industry", organized by Yemeni National Commission for Education, Culture and Science; and by the ISESCO, Technical Institute, Dhaban, Sana'a, Yemen (3-7 December 2005).
  • A training Course in "Electronic Microscopy", organized by electronic microscopy unit, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt (4-6 April 2002).
  • General Secretary of the workshop on "The Role of Mechanical Engineering in Industrial Development", organized by Mech. Eng. Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Sana'a University, Sana'a, Yemen (24-25 April 2006).

Professional Activities

  • Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Sana'a University, Yemen: From August 2013 till now.
  • Have been reviewing articles for the following National and International Scientific Journals:
    • Journal of Surface and Coating Technology, Elsevier. U.K.
    • Journal of Tribology International, Elsevier, U.K.
    • Journal of Thin Solid Films, Elsevier publisher. U.K
    • Tribology Transactions Taylor & Francis Group publishes
    • Several national journals of Eng. Science and Technology at several Universities in Yemen.
  • Member of Yemeni Society of Engineers.
  • Member of National Renewable Energy Society.
  • Member of Sana'a University Teaching Association.
  • Vice Chairman of the Board of Engineering Consultancy Center: from August 2013 till now
  • Director of Promotional and Project Development of Engineering Consultancy Center, Faculty of Engineering, Sana’a University.
  • Curriculum Development Team Member of Mechatronics Engineering Program, Higher Education Quality Improvement Project supported and financed by World Bank.