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Journal of Engineering Sciences

> Journal of Engineering Sciences, Vol. 3, Issue (1): June 2014

ISSN 2312-9999


The main purpose of this special issue is to set a path for research development and cross-discipline issues in the diverse areas of engineering sciences. The eight papers in this special issue came from local & international researchers & academics, which can be categorized under broad & outstanding Engineering topics:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Architecture & Urban design
  • Water Management
  • Communications
  • Mechanical science

The first paper investigate the fundamental problem of the MAPK signal and propose a simple direct inverse control structure for keeping the output response unchanged. The second paper gives light on the most significant contemporary style, deconstructivism architecture & comes up with the most distinctive profiles, the Follies style that are constructed primarily for decoration but also help in directing people who intend to go towards, around or inside all deconstructivism architecture buildings.

The third paper investigates the situation of the traditional Gardens "Maqashim" at Old Sana'a city, and proposes steps to revive these gardens. We have two other papers, the first is to investigate in difficulties & ways to sustain tourism in the Ibb city, and the second is to investigate in the philosophical dimensions of sustainable architecture. The other two papers dealt with urban issues along the coast areas and the other research looks comprehensively into public open spaces in the city of Sana’a. Finally, we are not forgetting the study on the political & institutional corruption within telecommunication industry. Each paper has its knowledge and the vision for prospective progress & improvement. However the papers in this special issue hardly make an impact on the vast amount of work required to enable the Engineering researches & practices to be provided with the proper guidance to their performance and contribute to the social & economic progress which will lead to improvements in the quality of life of the people in the country. Hence further encourage engineers, scientists to forward their researchers and to contribute and be part in the development process. Finally this issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Engineering Sciences acknowledges the contributions of all of our peer-reviewers for their suggestions and constructive criticism. We will also continue our efforts to increase the number of qualified reviewers, keeping the peer-review process positive and transparent experience for all volunteers.

TABLE OF English Articals

- Direct Inverse Control of Mapk Signal Transduction Pathway5
Adel Abdulrahman and Gordon Parker
- Deconstructivism: Style, Follies and Founders 16
Ahmed Osman Ibrahim
- Promotion of Indigenous Knowledge in Water Demand Management for the Historical Old Sana'a City Gardens (Maqashim) 35
Fadhl Ali Saleh Al-Nozaily, Frédéric Pelat, Abdul Karim Nagi Al-Sabri, Abdurrahman Mohamed Al-Haddad and Amin Al-Hakimi

Arabic Articals