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Journal of Engineering Sciences

> Journal of Engineering Sciences, Vol. 3, Issue (2): Dec. 2014

ISSN 2312-9999


The purpose of this issue is to follow what it was started in the previous issue, which is to set the path for the development of research and find solutions to the problems in the various fields of engineering sciences. This issue presented seven papers and they came from local & international researchers & academics, which can be categorized as in the following engineering topics:

  • Improving courses of Architectural Departments.
  • Colour scheme in façades of traditional architecture
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban fabric and Urban planning legislation
  • Wireless Communications
  • Improving a performance of Marib Gas turbine Power Station
  • Hollow Concrete Block Masonry

This issue contains a number of researches; the first research has achieved the development of contents and learning methods of environmental control courses in Architectural Departments. The second research has highlighted on the study of the impact of colours on traditional architecture in Saudi Arabia. In order to propose some instructions that could be enhance it through the innovative use of materials, techniques and colors. The third paper was dedicated to recover the heat coming out from the turbine and to improve the efficiency of the cycle in Marib Gas turbine Power Station. Other research introduced a practical method for channel estimation and tracking in downlink partial usage of subcarriers mobile WiMAX with emphasizing on low complexity and high accuracy.

This issue also presented two other papers dealt with urban issues; where the first research of them analyzed the current situation of the Egyptian countryside, especially the urban legislation and its implications in the economic, physical and health aspects. This is also to provide real picture to the concerned authorities to find out the size of the deterioration of rural urbanization and the impact on the various fields of development and develop a necessary strategy needed for the processors. Additionally, the other research recorded and analysed the beginning of modern architectural sinario of the city of Sana’a for the period 1962-1972, which resulted in a different activity in the construction from the context of traditional architectural practice in the city of Sana'a. Each paper has its knowledge and the vision for prospective progress & improvement. However the papers in this special issue hardly make an impact on the vast amount of work required to enable the engineering researches & practices to be provided with the proper guidance to their performance and contribute to the social & economic progress which will lead to improvements in the quality of life of the people in the country. Hence further encourage engineers, scientists to forward their researchers and to contribute and be part in the development process. Finally this issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Engineering Sciences acknowledges the contributions of all of our peer-reviewers for their suggestions and constructive criticism. We will also continue our efforts to increase the number of qualified reviewers, keeping the peer-review process positive and transparent experience for all volunteers.

TABLE OF English Articals

- Review of Colour Scheme in Traditional Architecture of Saudi Arabia1
Dr. Djamel Dilmi
- Enhancement of Marib Gas Turbine Power Station Using Recuperator 9
Dr. Abdul-Malik Ebrahim Momin and Dr. Khaled Ali Al-Attab
- A Novel Method for Channel Estimation and Tracking in Mobile WiMAX Systems 22
Dr. Mohammed A. Saeed
- The Behavior of Hollow Concrete Block Masonry under Axial Compression 33
Mohammed A.A. Al-Amoudi and Dr. Ahmed H. Alwathaf

Arabic Articals