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An Overview

In October 1983, the faculty of Engineering was established with the Civil Engineering Department followed by the Electrical Engineering Department. Other departments were launched later on which are the Architecture Engineering Department (1986), the Mechanical Engineering (1993), the Basic Engineering Sciences Department (2008), and the Mechatronics Department (2012). Recently, in 2020, the Biomedical Engineering Department was established to fulfill the demands of labor market. During decades, our faculty kept developing and improving until becoming the best in the country regarding staff, Labs, facilities, scientific research, and students’ scientific level.

Journal of Engineering Sciences

Journal of Engineering Sciences – JES is a semi-annual peer-reviewed journal published by the Faculty of Engineering at Sana’a University. JES publishes articles in all Engineering Science research areas that are related to the faculty's scientific departments.

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Accreditation and Quality Assurance Unit

In order to make a qualitative shift in engineering education in Yemen and to meet local and international quality standards, a sustainable quality assurance system was established in our faculty based on continuous modernization and evaluation of our academic programs.

Student Projects Gallery

Our students were able to complete many excellent engineering projects in all engineering departments and fields, and were able to keep up with the competition at the regional and global levels, which reflects their high scientific potentials and their ingenuity

More About us

Our Vision

To excel in engineering education & scientific research with distinction at the local and regional levels.

Our Mission

To provide excellent and accredited engineering education to meet the development needs and match the labor market requirements locally and regionally.

Our Goals

  • To offer study programs in various fields of knowledge and equip students with required knowledge and scientific and know-how skills to utilize them in resolving problems effectively and efficiently.
  • To develop positive trends towards engineering science and its accelerating developments and enable students to use the techniques and methods of conducting scientific research in engineering fields.
  • To develop skills of scientific, innovative and critical thinking as well as the concept of continuous self-education.
  • To strengthen scientific ties with national and international colleges, scientific bodies, and research & development centers.
  • To provide technical and specialized studies and consultations to various State bodies and institutions, both public and semi-public, and utilize them in resolving the environment and society issues to promote sustainable development.
  • To develop a spirit of cooperation, group work, effective leadership, sense of responsibility, and ethical commitment


Civil Engineering

This department includes many civil engineering specializations such as constructions, water and environment, foundations and solid, roads, and area.

Electrical Engineering

The main specializations of this department are computer and control, communication and electronics, and power and machines.

Architectural Engineering

This department provides a cobination of modern architectural design, rich Yemeni architectural heritage and scientific research.

Mechanical Engineering

This department provides knowledge and skills required in various fields of Mechanical Engineering.

Mechatronics Engineering

This department provides integrated programs in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, programing and control

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and methods to solve medical and biological problems

Our Library

The Library of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sanaa contains many references, books, periodicals, scientific research and graduation projects that have a major role in serving all of its students and employees in addition to researchers and scholars in various engineering fields.

The electronic library of the faculty of engineering in Sana’a University, established in January 2019, is considered the first electronic library in the country. The idea of the project came from the fact that the conventional library of the faculty can no longer keep up with the very fast changes and challenges around such as the growing number of students and researchers and the very high cost of buying new books and hard copy journals every year which need to be archived and ordered in a very long process.

A Sutiable Quiet Environment

With over 12000 Books and Refrences

A modern Electronic Library

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Engineering Consultancy Center (ECC)

It's an essential Unit that is responsible for consulting activities and engineering work carried out for the account of parties such as ministries, individuals, organizations or agencies in the community. It was established in 2001. It's main objective are to Provide consulting services to the community in all engineering disciplines in high professiancy and quality, and contribute to the development of society through the distinctive competencies of applied extensive experience and facilities and laboratory equipment available in the college, in order to achieve sustainable development and environmental preservation.

    • Make technical studies and the development of engineering designs for all types of projects and different stages: field & analysis studies and laboratory and supervise the implementation of engineering projects.
    • Preparation of feasibility economic studies for engineering projects.
    • Establish the conditions and specifications for engineering projects.
    • Review, audit and approve designs for different types of engineering projects.
    • Provide counseling, scientific & practical & technical solutions to the emergency engineering problems resulting from the implementation of engineering projects.
    • Evaluation and rehabilitation of damaged facilities.
    • Preparation of water and environmental studies, as well as evaluation studies for environmental impact of projects engineering.
    • Provide technical necessary opinion and arbitration to separate the legal issues related to engineering projects by consultants that have high experience.
    • Preparation of tenders related to laboratory equipment for colleges and scientific institutes, as well as evaluation and decide on controversial issues.
    • Make laboratory and field tests in the fields of civil engineering, electrical, and mechanical according to the approved standard specifications.
    • Preparation of studies and provide consulting services in fields of energy and alternative energy in its various forms.
    • Study problems related to the industry as well as design of industrial equipment and production lines for factories and supervise their implementation.
    • Prepare training programs and continuing education courses for various engineering disciplines in coordination with the relevant departments and supervise & development the implementation of these programs.
    • Evaluate applicants engineers to work from different parties in various engineering disciplines.

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