Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

To nature and inspire architectural engineering design and demonstrate a firm foundation of critical thinking, ethical behavior and a culture of professional practice nationally and regionally.

Aims of the Department

1. Provide a good knowledge understanding of architectural principles, experience, and enhance the graduates’ abilities to express the visual, environmental and physical characteristics of architecture career and personal innovation, nationally and regionally.

2. Develop the ability to organize and present intellectual skills in architectural design information, effectively focusing on fields of knowledge that enable the students to present and express the architectural theory in practical applied designs.

3. Build up analytical and manageable skills that will enable graduates to gain employment in Architectural Engineering professions, and communicate effectively with other professionals, and the public in the conduct of their works individually or within team.

4. Provide sufficient span and depth for successful subsequent graduate study, and who have the potential to carry on post-graduate study, lifelong learning programs and take responsibility for innovation, development and change.

5. Practice architecture engineering in a professionally responsible and ethical manner with due consideration to national cultural heritage and traditional practices.

Study Plan

  • Name Title Specialization
    1 Dr.Abdulraqeeb Taher Al-Shaibani Professor Design Theories
    2 Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Madhaji Professor Urban Planning
    3 Dr. Khalil Abdulwahab Nasher Professor Urban and Regional Planning
    4 Dr. Mohammed Mohammed Al-Olofi Associate Prof. Architecture Design and Theories
    5 Dr. Saif Abdullah Al-Qubati Associate Prof. Urban and Architectural Design
    6 Dr. Mohammed Ali Naeam Associate Prof. Architectural Design Strategies
    7 Dr. Nadya Yahya Hussein Al kwkabani Associate Prof. Theories of architecture design
    8 Dr. Fadhl Mohamed Alwaraqi Associate Prof. Architecture and urban planning
    9 Dr. Wael Abdulmogni Al-Aghbari Associate Prof. Architectural studies and Project Management
    10 Dr. Samira Saleh Hussein Alshawesh Associate Prof. Architecture and Environmental Control
    11 Dr. Ahmed Ghaleb Farea Al_Sharjab Assistant Prof. Housing Engineering
    12 Dr. Sultan Mohsen AL-Madhaji Assistant Prof. Interior Architecture and art
    13 Dr. Amal Abdulkareem Al-Arashi Assistant Prof. Architectural Engineering
    14 Dr. Samir Mohsen Al-Sirry Assistant Prof. Environmental Control, and Building Technology
    15 Dr. Fuad Hamoud Al-Shibami Assistant Prof. Environmental Architecture
    16 Dr. Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Turky Assistant Prof. Architectural Engineering
    17 Eng. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Mohair Instructor Architectural Engineering