Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

To prepare highly qualified graduates in biomedical engineering by providing accredited education and distinguished scientific research to meet the needs of society, the labor market and sustainable development.

Aims of the Department

1. To provide solid and high-quality education in the field of biomedical engineering.

2. To deliver a program which equips graduates with a high level of understanding of Biomedical Engineering concepts complemented by professional, practical, and transferable skills that enable graduates to solve a wide range of Biomedical Engineering problems.

3. To prepare engineers to be able to compete and work productively, professionally and efficiently in the biomedical engineering industries, academia and health care institutions.

4. To develop a spirit of innovation, creativity, adaptability, life-long learning, capability, and critical thinking necessary to create ideal solutions to biomedical engineering problems.

5. To encourage a culture of scientific research by providing the necessary research facilities.

6. To build up skills of co-operation, multidisciplinary team(s) work, effective leadership, sense of responsibility, professional, ethical commitment and ability to communicate effectively both orally or in written reports to a variety of audiences.

Study Plan