Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

To provide students with good quality Civil Engineering education that prepares them to be qualified and committed professionals who could pursue graduate studies and research and play a leading role in the sustainable development of the country and its integration into the regional economy.

Aims of the Department

1. provide a high quality educational experience through an appropriate depth over the full range of core engineering subject areas for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

2. Applying the quality assurance standards and targeting the academic accreditation levels (local, regional and international levels).

3. Serving the community and labor market needs through the consultancy, research, laboratory tests and training services.

Study Plan

  • Name Title Specialization
    1 Dr. Hamoud Ahmed Ahmed Al-Dhufairi Professor Concrete
    2 Dr. Hassan Saad Mohammed Abdulmoghni Professor Concrete
    3 Dr. Ameen Ali Ali Qahtan Professor Survying
    4 Dr. Abdulmalek Haza'a Al-Jolahy Associate Prof. Structures
    5 Dr. Abdullatif Abdullah Al-Monifi Associate Prof. Structures
    6 Dr. Abdulwali Hezam Al-Sharjabi Associate Prof. Water Engineering
    7 Dr.Abdullah Abdulqader Ahmed Noman Professor Water Engineering
    8 Dr. Mansour Ahmed Thabet Haidara Associate Prof. Water Engineering
    9 Dr. Sharfaldeen Ali Ahmed Saleh Associate Prof. Water Engineering
    10 Dr. Fouad Mohsin Ali Sofian Associate Prof. Constructions
    11 Dr.Bassil Mohammed Qasim Soltan Associate Prof. Structures
    12 Dr. Ahmed Hasan Ahmed Alwathaf Professor Structures
    13 Dr. Mohammed Abdulla Ismail Algorafi Associate Prof. Bridge Engineering
    14 Dr. Adnan Gameel Moharam Associate Prof. Water Resources Engineering
    15 Dr. Fadhl Ali Saleh Al-Nozaili Professor Health Engineering
    16 Dr.Yahia Mohammed Al-Haifi Assistant Prof. GPS
    17 Dr. Abdulsalam Mohammed Al-Noor Assistant Prof. Roads
    18 Dr. Abdulhakim Nooraldin Hussain Assistant Prof. Geotechnical
    19 Dr. Khalid Abdullah Hassan Al-qasos Assistant Prof. Geotechnical
    20 Dr. Ameen Mohammed Aklan Abdullah Assistant Prof. Structures
    21 Dr. Abibaker Abdullah Al-Saqaf Assistant Prof. Structures
    22 Dr. Abas Mohammed Ali Al-Shehari Assistant Prof. Structures
    23 Dr. Mohammed Abdulwadoud A-Ariqi Assistant Prof. Water Engineering
    24 Dr.Solaiman Ismail Haider Al-Safi Assistant Prof. Structures
    25 Dr. Mohammed Abdulwahab Al-Khalid Assistant Prof. Structures
    26 Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Abdo Ahmed Assistant Prof. Structures
    27 Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Maswari Assistant Prof. Roads
    28 Dr. Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Nono Assistant Prof. Constructional Engineeing
    29 Dr. Zamzam Abdo Yahia Mobarak Assistant Prof. Irrigation and Hydraulic
    30 Dr. Nabil Mohsin Falah Assistant Prof. Structures
    31 Dr. Nabil Mohsin Falah Assistant Prof. Structures
    32 Dr. Tariq Abdullah Barakat Assistant Prof. Structures
    33 Dr. Abdulkareem Yahia Al-Khatabi Assistant Prof. Structures