Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

Graduate qualified Engineers in Electric Power, communication and computer engineering in accordance with programs committed to the international quality standards. The Graduating Engineers handed with enough knowledge and skills necessary to meet the requirements of development as well as local and regional labor markets. Also, they able to self-development and proceed with contemporary issues. The department contribute to community wellness and the country development through scientific research, advisory services, and training and education programs.

Aims of the Department

1. Graduate high qualified engineers in electrical power, communication and computer engineering able to compete at national and regional levels.

2. Update undergraduate and post graduate programs and enhance the applied research environment to contribute in country development.

3. Establish partnerships with the public and private sectors and provide engineering consultancies, continuous training, teaching and awareness programs.

4. Improve the academic staff to student ratio as per standard.

5. Fill the gap in the number of assistance staff and laboratory technicians and implement training programs to enhance their skills.

6. Commit and uphold high ethical and professional conduct in the education and practice of engineering.

Electrical Power and Machines Engineering Study Plan

Communications and Networks Engineering Study Plan

Computer and Control Engineering Study Plan

  • Name Title Specialization
    1 Dr. Tawfik Mohsen Sofian Professor High Voltage
    2 Dr. Abdul Raqib Abdo Asad Professor Program Eng.
    3 Dr. Ali Mohammed Al-Ashwal Professor Power Electronics
    4 Dr. Mohammed Ali Noman Professor Power Control System
    5 Dr. Faisal Abdul-Fatah Ibrahim Professor Control Eng.
    6 Dr. Abdullah Ali Al-Khawrabi Professor Communication Eng.
    7 Dr. Omer Mohammed Badeeb Professor Electrical Machines
    8 Dr. Omer Hassan Al-Saqaf Professor Electrical Power
    9 Dr. Ahmed Abdul-Wahab Al-Arashi Associate Prof. Power Distribution of Electrical Energy
    10 Dr. Gamal Abdul-Wareth Hazzah Associate Prof. Electrical Energy Control
    11 Dr. Ali Manea Al-Saih Associate Prof. Communication Eng.
    12 Dr. Taher Qaid Hamid Associate Prof. Science of Programming
    13 Dr. Ali Naji Nosary Assistant Prof. Communication Eng.
    14 Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Zariey Assistant Prof. Control and Programming Eng.
    15 Dr. Ali Yahya Al-Hamdi Assistant Prof. Communication Eng.
    16 Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Yadomi Assistant Prof. Power and Electrical Machines
    17 Dr. Osama Hamoud Al-Shibami Assistant Prof. Computer Eng.and Signal Processing
    18 Dr. Murad Abdulla Al-Makhlafi Associate Prof. Communication Eng.
    19 Dr.Abdul-Kafi Mohamed Al-Iryani Assistant Prof. Communication Eng.
    20 Dr. Mohammed Sharaf Saeed Awn Assistant Prof. Communication and Information Eng.
    21 Dr. Mohammed Ali Nasr Assistant Prof. Power and Electrical Machines
    22 Dr. Murshed Qaid Hadwan Assistant Prof. Power Eng.
    23 Dr. Ahmed Saad Harmal Assistant Prof. Communication Eng.
    24 Dr. Mohammed Abbas Al-Wadiey Assistant Prof. Communication Eng.
    25 Dr. Abdul-Salam Al-Khuledi Prof. Communication Eng.
    26 Dr. Sami Abdul-Aziz Al-Maqtari Assistant Prof. Computer Eng.
    27 Dr. Mohammed Al-Mekhlafi Associate Prof. Communication Eng.
    28 Dr. Mohammed Al-Ulafi Assistant Prof. Biomedical
    29 Dr. Adel Ahmed Al-Shuqery Assistant Prof. Power Eng.
    30 Dr. Radwan Al-Bouthigy Associate Prof. Power Eng.