Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

To prepare engineers having high skills who can meet social needs through delivering higher quality educational programs and scientific research and to deliver required consultancy work for local industry.

Aims of the Department

1. To prepare graduates in mechanical engineering with high knowledge and skills in different applications of the mechanical engineering.

2. To participate as leaders and contribute locally and regionally.

3. To prepare the ability and skills and to encourage them to work as a teamwork.

4. To establish the soul of innovations in the graduates while conducting small scientific projects and to prepare them for the higher studies.

5. To contribute in the preparation of the scientific papers in the area of mechanical engineering.

Study Plan

  • Name Title Specialization
    1 Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti Professor Machine Design and Production
    2 Dr. Amin A. Wahab Al-Khulaidi Associate Prof. Industrial Engineering
    3 Dr. Khalil Abdulla Ganem Associate Prof. Production Eng. and Metallurgy
    4 Dr. Abdul-Malik Ebrahim Momin Associate Prof. Thermal Eng./Solar Energy
    5 Dr. Hamoud Abdulsalam Al-Nahari Assistant Prof. Mechanical Power Engineering
    6 Dr. Abdul-Salam Nagi Ismail Assistant Prof. Design and Production Engineering
    7 Dr. Muneer AbdulRahman Al-Qadhi Assistant Prof. Material Science
    8 Dr. Thabet Al-Ghabri Assistant Prof. Civil Aviation
    9 Dr. Mohammed A. Al-Shagdari Associate Prof. until 2018 Thermal Eng.
    10 Dr. Adel Abdul-Galil Hazza Prof. until 2016 Automatic Control
    11 Dr. Tawfiq Ali Abdul-Latif Assistant Prof. until 2015 Mechanical Power Engineering
    12 Dr. Fares Saeed Al-Ariqui Associate Prof. until 2013 Vibrations
    13 Dr. Labib Mudhesh Assistant Prof. until 2012 Metal Forming
    14 Dr. Ahmed M. Ali Bagaber Associate Prof. until 2009 Mechanical Power Engineering