Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering Department

Mission of the Department

To provide quality engineering education as well as scientific research development in this vital area of engineering.

Aims of the Department

1. To graduate flexible engineering graduates with skills required to access entry level positions in the mechatronics engineering industry as well as in a wider range of employment in commerce, research, manufacturing and maintenance where mechatronics engineers play a vital role.

2. To deliver a program which equips graduates with a high level of understanding of mechatronics concept complemented by professional, practical, and transferable skills that enable graduates to solve a wide range of mechatronics problems.

3. Ensure that graduates are able to make a rapid and effective contribution to their employers' enterprise.

4. Promote a culture amongst graduates of continuous personal and professional development.

5. Ensure that graduates have competencies that enable them to communicate both orally and in writing in the Arabic and English Languages.

6. Ensure that graduates have group skills that will enable them to work professionally in teams.

Study Plan

  • Name Title Specialization
    1 Dr. Abdul-Malik Ebrahim Momin Associate Prof. Thermal Eng. (Solar Energy)
    2 Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Bukhaiti Professor Production and Machine Design
    3 Dr. Ammar Aamer Assistant Prof. Industrial Eng.
    4 Dr. Ali Manea Al-Saih Associate Prof. Communication Eng.
    5 Dr. Abdullah Ali Dhaiban Assistant Prof. Mechanical Design and production
    6 Dr. Abdul-Salam Nagi Ismail Assistant Prof. Design and Production Engineering
    7 Dr. Radwan Al-Bouthigy Associate Prof. Power Eng.