Our students’ projects have started to enter a new phase of professionalism and creativity

Students of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sana’a have recently presented a number of excellent and advanced scientific projects in all of the specializations and departments of the faculty. The students displayed great progress and mastery through transforming the knowledge and skills they have gained to feasible practical applications. Thus, laying the foundation stones in today's competitive market and ensuring their capacity and potential to the development of the community. If anything, these projects reflect the determination and perseverance of our students despite the difficult circumstances and obstacles they face daily that ultimately honed their talents. Moreover, such stunning projects prove beyond any doubt that our students are indeed capable of competing with other engineering students from all around the world regardless of the scarcity of financial resources.

The fields covered included advanced programming, artificial intelligence, mechanical and electronic aspects, data and signal transmission and processing, in addition to civil and architectural designs. Many students have succeeded to efficiently direct these projects to the service of social and technical sectors in the country. Amongst them all, the projects of the first mechatronics batch were the best; another proof of the faculty's success in qualifying the students of this new department. The Mechatronics students' projects included a variety of engineering applications such as software programming, mechanical projects, design of electronic circuits, and design of projects’ structures using a 3D printer, and in each part, they have achieved outstanding accomplishments. Whether these projects were Robots, control systems or simulations of smart tools and buildings, they were all designed according to the latest technology. One of these projects is the smart artificial limbs project, which was designed by some of the department's top students. This project, specifically, has gained great attention as a result of its effectiveness and importance in serving those who have lost any of their limbs especially due to the current war in our country.

Having a new batch of well qualified graduated students who managed to break all the barriers and obstacles created by the difficult current conditions is a great success of which we, in the faculty of Engineering, are proud. The faculty represented by its leaders and its academic and administrative staff will continue to provide unlimited support to the students to help them keep up this high level of performance, and we trust the ability of our students to impress everyone with more creativity and further progress at all levels.

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Eng. Ghada Al-Asadi